Dentures are a fantastic solution to many dental problems. An increasing number of people have dentures, and often you would never be able to notice. Whether you have dentures, know someone who has them, or you’re thinking of having them in the future, here we cover everything you need to know.

Dentures – What are they?
Dentures are bespoke, artificial teeth created by your dentist to fit your mouth. Dentures are made of porcelain, plastic, or hard resin. The materials used to make dentures are less sturdy than natural teeth and therefore may chip or crack after a few years of use.
You can either have a full or partial set of dentures, replacing either top or bottom teeth. They will be made to fit your mouth comfortably and blend in with the shape, size and colour of the rest of your teeth.

The Benefits of Dentures
Replace gaps – Dentures can be used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. If you have lost teeth due to decay or an accident, you may be left with a noticeable and troublesome hole.

Dentures solve this problem.
A confident smile – Your confidence will soon resume once you have a complete set of teeth to show off again. Many people find they can smile with confidence once dentures have replaced broken, missing or rotten teeth.
Chewing – Having teeth missing could mean you limit your diet to foods that are easy to eat. Dentures enable you to chew your food properly and therefore maintain a varied diet.
Remove problem teeth – Dentures can replace broken, weak, stained, rotten, or problematic teeth. This means fewer toothaches and infections and, therefore, fewer trips to the dentist.

Cleaning Dentures
All types of dentures require adequate care and cleaning to ensure you get the most from them. Cleaning must be done daily, just like with regular teeth. Plaque, bacteria and tartar can accumulate on dentures and affect surrounding teeth.
To clean dentures thoroughly, run them under cold water to remove debris. Use a denture brush or gentle toothbrush to brush the teeth with denture cleaner. Rinse after cleaning. Make sure your gums are brushed underneath your dentures before you put them back in.

A dental specialist, such as The Practice At Mortlake, can advise you on the best dentures to suit your needs.
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