A healthy smile is one of the most attractive features of an individual’s face. A smile brightens the entire face and gives the bearer a welcoming personality. While many of us may want to smile as much as we like, sometimes imperfect and crooked teeth may prevent people from truly expressing themselves.

People who do not have straight or presentable teeth may feel conscious about smiling, undermining their personality and confidence. If you are looking for teeth straightening in Richmond, UK, then The Practice at Mortlake is the best dental clinic in the area.

Where To Get Teeth Straightening In Richmond?

If you are looking for the best teeth straightening in Richmond, then The Practice at Mortlake is the number one option. We provide the latest techniques and procedures in dentistry under the most hygienic conditions. Our experts provide dental services that are customized to your specific needs.

Teeth straightening is classified as a cosmetic dental procedure because having teeth that do not align properly hinders a functional level. In some cases, however, the teeth may be so crooked that this may make an everyday task like eating food difficult. The great thing about teeth straightening in Richmond is that you can get your teeth aligned no matter your age. Having crooked teeth does not have to be a life-long sentence.

Options For Teeth Straightening In Richmond

The Practice at Mortlake provides different options for people seeking to get their teeth straightened and aligned. Each procedure is recommended based on the condition of the teeth and the amount of straightening required.

Here are the two basic teeth straightening procedures adopted globally
Braces are commonly used to align crooked teeth. They come in metal, ceramic and lingual forms. Once installed, braces require regular adjustments every 6 to 8 weeks. The efficacy and duration of treatment depend upon the teeth’ initial condition and maintenance.

Another option is aligners. These consist of an aligner ray which is transparent and nearly invisible, unlike many braces. Every few weeks, the tray is modified to put pressure on the teeth to become less and less crooked. Aligners are designed for those who do not have severely crooked teeth.

Services Provided
The Practice at Mortlake delivers premier teeth straightening in Richmond services. Each procedure is conducted employing state-of-the-art technology under strict hygienic conditions. Regular appointments are set up to monitor the progress and ensure long-lasting results. If you seek to get your smile perfected, then The Practice at Mortlake is the place to be. You will get all kinds of dental services under one roof, from teeth straightening to whitening. We help you achieve your best smile and boost your confidence.