The word ‘emergency’ holds different meanings for different people. For some, it is a situation in which they freeze and have absolutely no idea what to do. For others, it is a situation that they immediately react to and take hold of before things get out of hand. Knowing how to handle dental emergencies will help you be prepared for the situation so that the severity of the issue can be reduced.
Mentioned below are a few steps that you can take at the time of dental emergency to panic less and are prepared.
A broken tooth
If you fell on your face and broke your tooth, you need to maintain your calm and immediately place something over the area. Placing a cloth or a tissue will stop the bleeding for a while, and during that time, you can look for pieces of the tooth that might have fallen. As soon as you find the fragments, take them to the dentist available at that time before any other harm occurs or your pain increases.
While experiencing a toothache is a common situation, as it happens to most people around you, but you shouldn’t take it lightly. Whenever you feel like there is a pain in your teeth and you cannot eat, press an ice pack against the outside of your mouth, which will help you feel better. It will also reduce the pain until you take some medicines or pain killers for effective relief. If you feel like your toothache is worsening, we recommend you pay a visit to the dentist before it gets excruciating.
Bleeding from the mouth
Bleeding from the mouth can be an alarming situation that isn’t pleasant or handled well by everyone. If you notice blood coming from your mouth when brushing teeth, don’t ignore it as it could mean that you have gum disease. Blood on your toothbrush or in your mouth isn’t normal and should be consulted by a professional as soon as possible. Make sure you keep your head elevated and contact your dentist for an immediate appointment so that the issue can be sorted out as quickly as possible.
Mouth injury
Mouth injuries are rare, but they can happen to anyone, so you should be aware and well-educated in dealing with them. Try to keep the face as still as possible if the jawline is hurt and immediately call in for assistance as it cannot be handled at home. If arranging a dentist isn’t possible, go to your nearest ER and sort out the dental injury.
How to prevent dental emergencies?
No one likes to visit the dentist and spend long hours so that their teeth can be fixed or removed. To prevent dental emergencies from happening, all you have to do is take care of your daily brushing and flossing. Brushing your teeth daily will make your gums healthier and stronger and prevent any bleeding.