Children aren’t always happy about going to the dentist. Do not worry! The dentists from Practice at Mortlake can help you and your kids get over this fear.
We take great pride in the fact that our practise is a place where families can come and feel relaxed with their children. If parents need help getting their kids over their fears, we know a lot about that. We want to make sure that our younger patients are happy and confident when they have dental work done!

Use Positive Words

If you don’t like the dentist, you should do your best not to show that to your kids. So, when you talk about a dental appointment in front of them, always say things that are good. If your child has any anxiety about going to the dentist, you should not talk about it in a way that will make it worse. How do you talk to your child about the dentist? Ask a member of our dental team! We know how to talk to patients of all ages in the right way.

Good Role Models

As we said before, kids are very smart and will pay attention to how they feel about dental treatments. So, make sure you’re a good role model for your kids, too! During the time you spent helping them get over their fear, you could also get over your own. You can use your older kids and their older brothers and sisters as examples. Take them with you to both their appointments and your own, so they can learn from them. This way, your child will see how easy and stress-free a dentist appointment can be for him or her. Encourage your other kids and your partner to think of the dentist in a good way at home!
Even when you’re not at the dental office, make sure you talk about the importance of good oral hygiene! Brush, floss, and do what your dentist tells you to do. Let your friends and family see you do this. They will gain knowledge from you and start to feel better about going to appointments.

Relax and Distract

Another thing we tell parents who have a child who is afraid of the dentist is to bring books, toys, games, and other things with them when they go to the dentist. Use their favourite teddy bear or character from a TV show to calm them down! Though it may not seem like a long-term way to get rid of their dental anxiety, it is worth it and your child might surprise you! Our dentists, nurses, and receptionists will, of course, help you if you need it. But when you’re not at work, try to make people think positive things about dental work.
At Practice at Mortlake, we like to help people of all ages get over their fear of the dentist.