6 Reasons Why Invisalign May Be Right for You

There was a time when metal braces were the only way to straighten your teeth. They were painful, ugly, and (for an adult) embarrassing. With Invisalign, you can get the straight teeth you've always wanted without having to deal with metal braces and all the trouble they cause. Read on to learn more about Invisalign and how this system can help [...]

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Electric Toothbrush – The Benefits

It is widely known now that electric toothbrushes are better than standard ones. Dentists recommend electric brushes, and sales have gone through the roof in recent years. So, what are the benefits of electric toothbrushes and why are they taking the place of regular ones? Read on to find out. Better Oral Health Studies indicate that electric toothbrush users have [...]

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Preventing and Treating Gum Disease

Preventing and Treating Gum DiseaseA good level of oral hygiene is essential to ensure your teeth are in the best health, but it also protects the gums. Many people focus on cleaning teeth, but gums must be cared for to prevent issues such as gum disease.Gum Disease – What is it?Gum disease refers to swollen, red gums caused by bacteria in [...]

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Tips for Children who are afraid of the Dentist

Children aren't always happy about going to the dentist. Do not worry! The dentists from Practice at Mortlake can help you and your kids get over this fear.We take great pride in the fact that our practise is a place where families can come and feel relaxed with their children. If parents need help getting their kids over their fears, we [...]

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Are Bad Teeth Genetic?

No one wants to visit their dentist and discover they’ve got genetically bad teeth, and yet, for some people, that just happens. And this of course prompts the question - did I inherit my bad teeth? The answer is a little tricky.At The Practice at Mortlake, we’ve seen more than our fair share of bad teeth, and they all had slightly [...]

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Oral Hygiene for Children, A Must Avoid Gum and Teeth Issues

Adults flossing their teeth or talking about missed dental appointments is very common, but individuals rarely shed some light on children's oral health, even those who are one or two years old. Good oral hygiene habits must be instilled in a child's life early to ensure that they don't deal with sensitivity and decay problems. Caring for Oral Health Caring for [...]

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What are Dental Crowns?

As the name suggests, dental crowns are small, solid caps that can be fitted to the end of a damaged tooth in order to strengthen it, as well as improve the appearance of your smile. Dental crowns are a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure here, at The Practice at Mortlake.Crowns are a great way to restore and protect your teeth, particularly teeth [...]

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Do You Need a Dental Check-up? Here’s How to Tell

If you’re like most other people, then it’s quite likely you only ever go to the dentist when there’s something seriously wrong with you (or you haven’t been in forever). And we’re sorry to say, but that’s not exactly a smart oral health practice. It’s important to get regular dental check-ups, once every six months or so, to ensure that your [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry – All You Need to Know

Having the perfect smile and beautiful teeth is something many of us desire. White, straight, neat teeth are wanted now, more than ever before, and there is a range of treatments available to help you achieve this. These treatments not only help to boost confidence and repair broken teeth, but they can also help improve oral health. Cosmetic Dentistry – What [...]

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Dentures – All You Need To Know

Dentures are a fantastic solution to many dental problems. An increasing number of people have dentures, and often you would never be able to notice. Whether you have dentures, know someone who has them, or you’re thinking of having them in the future, here we cover everything you need to know. Dentures – What are they? Dentures are bespoke, artificial teeth [...]

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