Adults flossing their teeth or talking about missed dental appointments is very common, but individuals rarely shed some light on children’s oral health, even those who are one or two years old. Good oral hygiene habits must be instilled in a child’s life early to ensure that they don’t deal with sensitivity and decay problems.

Caring for Oral Health
Caring for children’s oral health is essential for a lively and comfortable childhood. But, how should parents deal with this domain of their child’s life? Here are some tips for healthy gum health.

Tooth Decay at an Early Age
It is not necessary that your child needs to have all teeth in their mouth before they could run into decay and bacteria problems. Even at a young age, tooth decay is possible with one or two teeth budding on the surface.
This is when the teeth surface is vulnerable, and exposure to food and drink items (even breast milk) can cause trouble. Breast milk and other baby food items come with artificial or natural sugar, which can lead to a disaster when combined with the mouth’s bacteria.

Oral Activities to Avoid for a Healthy Mouth
Parents must keep a strict eye on their children’s oral health. Failure to do can result in tooth and gum aches and lead to various other diseases as the bacteria move further into the body. Here is a couple of oral habits that happen to be common practice that is not considered healthy. Read on ahead and avoid those to prevent oral disasters.
1. Do not allow your child to have an excessive number of sugary treats or items.
2. Make it a common habit for your child to brush their teeth and clean their mouth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after supper.
3. Always stay updated on your child’s dental appointments.
4. Here at Practice at Mortlake, our professional dentists suggest that every child have a dental appointment before they turn the age of two.
5. Do not put your child to sleep with any food item or bottled milk.

Look out for These Signs of Teeth Decay
If your child has tooth decay or oral trouble, all adults should take quick action. Fortunately for parents spotting oral trouble is not a difficult chore. Here are a couple of signs to look out for.
1. Brown dots on the surface of the teeth
2. Swollen or red gums
3. Pain in teeth or gums
4. White dots on the gum line

If you spot any of these, it is advised not to panic and visit our experts at Practice at Mortlake for a quick and long-lasting solution.
With an appropriate oral care routine set in place, children can benefit in different areas of their lives. The teeth won’t be moving, the entire body can be healthy, and it is even said that healthy gums can lead to better memory.