Decayed or broken teeth are restored with conventional fillings. We provide the complete range of fillings including posterior white fillings and the latest anterior cosmetic fillings for invisible repairs on front teeth.

Root Canal treatment

Root canal treatment has to be performed when a tooth dies as a result of trauma or deep decay. The internal root system is carefully cleaned and prepared using special instruments and then it is finally permanently sealed off. The top of the tooth is then restored and normally strengthened by the provision of a crown.


Missing teeth can be replaced by removable dentures. These can be used to replace single teeth or complete sets of teeth. We provide both conventional acrylic dentures or metal based chrome cobalt dentures which produce a more retentive and stable final result. Our technicians use the best materials to produce life like natural results.


An inlay is a pre fabricated restoration that is bonded into the tooth where a conventional filling would not be strong enough. We provide both gold inlays and cosmetic porcelain inlays that are made the same colour as the natural tooth.


Restorative Dentistry Enquiries

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