Emergency Dentist in Richmond

We at the Practice at Mortlake are committed to offering professional dental care to all patients. Dental emergencies can arise at any time, just like any other medical emergency. We work with professional emergency dentists in Richmond, to ensure our patients are well served.

We are operational during the tough lockdown times and our services protect you from infection. We have an open-door policy whereby our patients can attend all dental appointments. Our emergency dentists in Richmond also take great pride in attending to all emergencies that arise.

emergency dentist Richmond - The Practice at Mortlake

Our services

We offer a wide range of dental care services. These services include general dentistry services, hygiene treatments, and dental implants. Through our emergency dentists in Richmond, we also offer restorative dentistry, children’s dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

We boast of decades of good dental care services, carrying a good reputation in good customer care and gentle handling of patients. Our facility also offers a good environment for patients, having in mind that dental health issues can be quite unbearable. We are also very accommodating to patients who are hesitant and nervous when visiting the dentist. Our gentle dental care services are available for all in the family.

When that dental emergency occurs, therefore, remember that our professional team is just a phone call away. Our official line is always operational to all and patients can also visit the facility physically. At the Practice at Mortlake, dental emergencies are handled to the best of our professional and technological ability.

The Practice at Mortlake is a private practice that is well equipped with modern dental technology for better dental care services. We have received recognition not only for good customer care and gentle dentistry but also for our state-of-the-art technology. The practice at Mortlake is also known for offering treatment to anxious and nervous patients with great care and compassion.

emergency dentist Richmond - The Practice at Mortlake

Patients’ safety

Visit the practice for any dental emergencies and our emergency dentists in Richmond will offer you necessary effective treatment. For our in-patient services, patients also get dental care education and are assured of comfort and safety.

During the COVID-19 times, the facility has specifically put safety measures to protect patients from getting infected. We all know that the coronavirus highly spreads through the mouth, nose, and eyes. Dental healthcare is therefore sensitive at this time and our facility assures patients of safety.

The very able emergency dentists at Richmond also handle patients referred from all over the country. The patients receive proper care and complex dental treatments at our facility. The facility is also recognized for being the best in clinical skills and for continuously furthering post-graduate training for dentists. The post-graduate training helps in making our emergency dentists in Richmond even more knowledgeable.

Our services are also very affordable for all. We strive to ensure that our professional services are available for everyone. We offer value for your money and help you save money. Reach out to us or visit us today for guaranteed professional dental services.

Emergency Dentist Richmond FAQs

At The Practice at Mortlake, we class fractures, loose fillings, abscesses, bleeding and noticeable facial swelling as dental emergencies. Our emergency dentists in Richmond also treat severe toothache. We aim to treat each and every dental emergency, as well as prevent future emergencies from occurring by educating patients on the importance of regular visits to us and basic dental care. While there are varying levels to each of these common emergencies, we believe that it’s better to see patients sooner rather than later. So, if you have one of the aforementioned dental issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. By speaking with one of our experts, we can work together to gauge the severity of your concern and book you in for an appointment with one of our team to treat you accordingly.
When it comes to dental emergencies, the treatment provided depends on the patient and their specific concern. Our emergency dentists in Richmond can perform restorative, children’s, and cosmetic dentistry as part of our emergency services. As we have access to sophisticated and advanced technology, we’re able to attend to each and every dental emergency, earning us an outstanding reputation and loyal patients. We believe in prevention when it comes to oral hygiene, which is why we also educate our patients on the importance of looking after their teeth and gums, to limit future problems from arising. This includes hygiene appointments and recommending tooth and gum care products/routines. Our ability to treat such a range of dental concerns means that we receive referrals from practices all over the country, and are widely recognised for our team of dedicated professionals. If you have a dental concern, contact us today.
There are multiple ways you can contact our emergency dentists in Richmond. You can call us on (0) 20 8876 5398, enquire via email, or fill out an online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We aim to organise an appointment as quickly as possible, depending on the severity of your concern.
Dental emergencies can be scary, and cause great concern for a number of patients - but this shouldn’t put you off contacting a dental professional to help you. The emergency dentists in Richmond are experienced and highly accommodating when it comes to treating patients who are on the nervous side. They will talk you through each step of the treatment and how it will resolve your issue and eradicate any pain. To make sure you don’t feel rushed, we offer longer appointment times - this way you can relax knowing you can take breaks during your treatment. When you call us enquiring about emergency dental treatments, make sure to tell us about any concerns you have, so we can treat you accordingly and schedule enough time to rectify your issue.
Emergency Dentist in Richmond

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